How to Approve Financial Aid for Bookstore

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How to Approve Financial Aid for Bookstore

Postby jmorgan » January 27th, 2010, 5:07 pm

1. Log into Campus Connect using your user id and password.
2. Select the Self Service Banner Link
3. Select Financial Aid Tab
4. Select option #3: Complete Your Requirements & Financial Aid Forms
5. Select Requirements, Verification and Documents
6. Select aid year
7. Select Authorize FA to Pay Charges other than Tuition and Fees
8. Read form and choose whether to accept or deny the authorization. Acceptance on the first option will allow books to be charged at the bookstore as long as there is available aid after tuition and fees are covered. Acceptance of the second option will allow previous balances from the previous aid year only up to $200 to be covered by current semester financial aid.
9. Click submit button at bottom of authorization after choosing an option on both authorizations.
10. Exit the system.
11. Account at bookstore will be available the next day.
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