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Core Curriculum - Curriculum of Record

Associate of Applied Science in Healthcare Specialist
Therapeutic Massage Concentration
Full Time
2016 - 2017
Program Code: HLSP
Concentration Code: TMAS
The following sample sequence includes all course requirements for this degree. You must consult with an academic advisor to determine which electives are best suited to meet your educational goals and what sequence is offered on your campus.
Statewide Electives
Evansville - Lafayette - Sellersburg - Terre Haute
Semester 1
 APHY 101Anatomy and Physiology I3
 HLHS 100Introduction to Health Careers3
 HLHS 101Medical Terminology 3
 IVYT 112Student Success in Healthcare1
 TMAS 101Holistic Approach to Massage Therapy3
 TMAS 115Ethics and Massage Management3
Semester 1:
Semester 2
 APHY 102Anatomy and Physiology II3
 ENGL 111English Composition 3
 MATH 123Quantitative Reasoning or Higher3
 TMAS 120Therapeutic Massage Training I 3
Select 1 of the following courses.
 COMM 101Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
 COMM 102Introduction to Interpersonal Communication3
Semester 2:
Semester 3
 CINS 101Introduction to Microcomputers3
 HLHS 105Medical Law and Ethics3
 HLHS 111Health and Wellness for Life3
 TMAS 140Therapeutic Massage Training II3
 TMAS 205Pathology and Massage3
Semester 3:
Semester 4
 HLHS 211Nutrition 3
^HLHS 279Health Care Support Capstone Course1
 TMAS 202Deep Tissue Muscle Release3
 TMAS 207Therapeutic Massage Seminar 2
 TMAS XXXTherapeutic Massage Elective2
Select 1 of the following courses.
 XXXX XXXHumanities and/or Foreign Language Elective3
 XXXX XXXSocial/Behavioral Science Elective3
Semester 4:
Total: 60
Symbol Key
^Capstone Course
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