Transfer General Education Core (TGEC) classes are designed for students who plan to transfer their Ivy Tech credits to a four year college or university. Ivy Tech Community College's Transfer General Education Core (TGEC) is incorporated into all transfer curriculums unless program accreditation requirements dictate a different selection of courses. Through its TGEC requirements, Ivy Tech ensures breadth and creates a greater coherence in each student's overall education experience. The TGEC is designed to prepare students for successful transfer to the baccalaureate-degree granting institution of their choice. The TGEC was developed around Association of American Colleges & Universities' LEAP (Liberal Education and America's Promise) Essential Learning Outcomes and supports all eight General Education Outcomes developed and approved by the Ivy Tech faculty. With few exceptions, courses selected are from Indiana's Core Transfer Library.

Students who complete the TGEC requirements will have met the requirements for the Transfer General Education Certificate and will have this noted on their transcript. Although the college has adopted a single transfer general education core, students choose to complete one of two pathways, depending upon selected major: the traditional TGEC or the STEM or calculus-based pathway for majors requiring a strong science and mathematics foundation. The differences in course requirements and selections are noted below.


** All courses are appropriate for the Science/Math programs unless otherwise noted.

 TGEC General PathwayTGEC Science/Math Pathway
Written Communication    
ENGL 111 English Composition*
3 credits3 credits
Speaking and Listening    
COMM 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking*
COMM 102 Intro to Interpersonal Communication*
3-6 credits3 credits
Quantitative Reasoning    
MATH 123 Quantitative Reasoning (not a STEM selection)
MATH 135 Finite Math*
MATH 136 College Algebra*
MATH 137 Trig with Analytic Geometry*
MATH 201 Brief Calculus*
MATH 202 Brief Calculus II*
MATH 211 Calculus I*
MATH 212 Calculus II*
MATH 221 Calculus for Technology I
MATH 222 Calculus for Technology II
3-9 credits6-9 credits
Scientific Ways of Knowing   
ASTR 101 Solar System Astronomy*
BIOL 101 Introductory Biology*
BIOL 105 Biology I*
BIOL 107 Biology II*
BIOL 121 General Biology
BIOL 211 Microbiology I*
CHEM 101 Introductory Chemistry*
CHEM 105 General Chemistry I*
CHEM 111 Chemistry I
PHYS 101 Physics I*
PHYS 102 Physics II*
PHYS 220 Mechanics*
PHYS 221 Heat, Electricity, & Optics
SCIN 100 Earth Science*
SCIN 111 Physical Science*
3-10 credits6-10 credits
Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing    
ANTH 154 Cultural Anthropology
ECON 101 Economics Fundamentals*
ECON 201 Principles of Economics*
ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics*
HIST 101 Survey of American History I*
HIST 102 Survey of American History II*
HIST 111 World Civilization I
HIST 112 World Civilization II
POLS 101 Introduction to American Government and Politics*
POLS 211 Introduction to World Politics*
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology*
PSYC 201 Lifespan Development*
PSYC 205 Abnormal Psychology*
PSYC 240 Human Sexuality*
SOCI 111 Introduction to Sociology*
SOCI 164 Multicultural Studies
SOCI 245 Cultural Diversity
SOCI 252 Social Problems*
3-9 credits3-6 credits
Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing    
ARTH 101 Survey of Art & Culture*
ARTH 102 Survey of Art and Culture II*
ARTH 110 Art Appreciation*
ENGL 202 Creative Writing*
ENGL 206 Introduction to Literature*
ENGL 214 Introduction to Poetry*
ENGL 220 Introduction to World Literature*
ENGL 221 Introduction to World Literature After the Renaissance*
ENGL 222 American Literature to 1865*
ENGL 223 American Literature After 1865*
FREN 101 French Level I*
FREN 102 French Level II*
FREN 201 French Level III*
FREN 202 French Level IV*
HUMA 100 Theatre Appreciation*
HUMA 118 Music Appreciation*
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy*
PHIL 102 Introduction to Ethics*
PHIL 220 Philosophy of Religion*
SPAN 101 Spanish Level I*
SPAN 102 Spanish Level II*
SPAN 201 Spanish Level III*
SPAN 202 Spanish Level IV*
3-9 credits3 credits



Total Transfer General Education Core:    30 minimum credits

*CTL courses